Based on Chiropractic BioPhysics treatment of care 

Maximizing your natural ‘S’ curve 


We're not your traditional chiropractic office. We’ve taken spinal alignment to a whole new level. Our S.P.A.C.E. method is a pain abatement program with proven results, gives you amazing results for chronic pain.

S- Spinal- We take a close look at the ‘S’ curve of the body to see if any increase or decrease could be causing dysfunction and or pain.

 P- Posture- We analyze your posture and then create exercises specifically designed to correct and strengthen your stance and postural muscles.

A-  Align the body through a vary of chiropractic and acupuncture techniques to help align the spine.

C- Correct the curvature back to where it was designed to be we use a special combination of machines and techniques that are not only effective but no one else in Southern California is doing

E-equilibrium- It’s all about bringing your body back into balance. The treatment protocol restores the natural harmony of the body leaving you feeling great!

After a thorough examination, we use the latest technology to analyze your musculoskeletal system. These give us a path to treatment.  During your report of findings, we will explain your results so you can easily see and understand how to get relief through our customized program that fits your needs.


Our systemized approach of analysis  looks at x-rays, standing posture and squat position, neurological responses and other factors that are clearly laid out in detail to show you the why.


Once we have completed your intake and information we then create a treatment plan that will not only make you feel better but give you lasting results. We use percussion therapy along with chiropractic manipulative therapy, acupuncture, decompression, spinal alignment tables and vibrational exercises as part of your overall therapy. 


This very special combination of treatment tools creates amazing results. We have people not only report that they are feeling better but they also state other effects of the treatment including feeling more energy and the ability to perform activities they thought they could no longer experience.


Chronic pain or injuries stop a lot of people from their normal lives. And they just get used to it. Get back your life with the SPACE program at Back To Total Health

We specialize in sports injuries.