About Regenerative Medicine

About Regenerative Medicine

Pain Management through the spinal Regenerative method

Integrating cutting edge technology with Eastern and Western medicine to provide proven solutions for pain.

Regenerative medicine is to utilizing what we have within us and regenerate it to its optimal level of health and vitality. Typically, in the past, medical procedures have been ‘take away’ or removal of what is not functioning. -Such as a bulging disc,  they might fuse two segments together or remove part of the disc. This takes away mobility or a part of our body that should be there. Wouldn't it be better if there was a procedure to “un-bulge” the disc or to assist the ligament attachment to heal through your own body’s cellular health. 

This is the concept behind regenerative medicine. PRP and stem cells are popular examples that help the body regenerate itself instead of doing an invasive procedure.

The SPACE method, used at Back to Total Health, is regenerative. This helps restore your spinal curves closer to where they should be and reverses gravity. Yep its true!

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