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Pain Management through the spinal regeneration method

Integrating cutting edge technology with Eastern and Western medicine to provide proven solutions for pain.

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Our Specialized In-House Team Provides

Why Patients choose us

Chiropractic Adjustments with CBP

A dynamic approach to creating real change in your spine’s natural ‘S’ curve to enhance nerve function and circulation. Realign and regain flow.

Western medicine

Our MDs are available to help maximize our health goals and help you rebuild and regenerate the body.

Supplements and herbs

We host an in-house herbal pharmacy and supplements to get your whole body system in its most optimal working order.


Clinically proven to aid in decreasing and removing pain in the body, while promoting health and healing.

Lifestyle Wellness

We want you to be living your best life as free of pain as you can be. We often host out of office events, lectures and learning seminars.

Friendly Atmosphere

Our doctors and staff are here to enhance your quality of life. We are available to listen to and help you create achievable goals.