Gino Pucino, B.S., M.A., D.C.

Dr. Gino was born and raised in a small suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. The youngest of four brothers in an Italian-American family, Gino was called “a 90-pound weakling”, compared to his 3 athletic brothers.
He attended the University of Rhode Island to study exercise science. He became one of the first students to get an internship with the prestigious Fitcorp of Boston, MA. He joined Shake-A-Leg, where he created aquatics and strength programs for spinal cord injured individuals.
After working as a personal trainer in San Francisco for 6 years, Gino moved to Los Angeles and met Dr. Eric who quickly recognized his passion and ability to put together the pieces of chiropractic and rehabilitation. After much encouragement from Dr Eric, Dr Gino decided to attend chiropractic college. Dr. Gino specializes in athletic injuries.
His philosophy: “I combine chiropractic and rehabilitation to get to the root of your injuries and alleviate them forever.”