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You’ve discovered Back to Total Health, THE premier Wellness Center in West Hollywood, CA. We are sports injury specialists healing all types of injuries from back pain, neck pain, sprain, strains, and automotive related injuries, to shoulder injuries and more.

The ‘WE’ at Back to Total Health includes chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and a fully equipped and staffed Pilates / rehabilitation studio. And ‘WE’ all work together to help you get well, keep you well and give you the tools to take care of yourself on your own. Whether you need a chiropractic adjustment, herbal medications, or a therapeutic massage our center offers it all.

Our friendly staff will ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible. We can help you understand your insurance coverage or help you choose a wellness package that is right for you. Our staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Even though we deal with many different types of musculoskeletal related problems including sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, lower back pain, neck stiffness and tightness, headaches, pinched nerves etc… many of our patients also come to us to stay well adjusted. We offer regular chiropractic adjustments to help the body’s biomechanics function properly so you can perform a sport or exercise.  We also provide massage therapy to ease soreness or acupuncture to balance the body’s energy. There are many ways to obtain wellness at Back to Total Health… be better than well!

Call our office today and we can help you get… Back to Total Health 310-659-8500.

Our Team

  • Chiropractors
  • Eric Swartz B.S., D.C.

    Founder of Back to Total Health, Dr. Eric’s story began in Dallas Texas where he grew up a fat kid with little interest in sports or exercise. Eric was plagued with everyone else’s desire for him to be thin. When he was 17 he discovered Aerobic Classes and knew he had finally found a way to exercise that he enjoyed. And with that discovery he was able to lose 50 pounds.

    The next year he went to college. Concerned with gaining the ‘freshman 15’, he started teaching his own aerobic classes in his dorm and a star was born. All throughout college he taught aerobic classes finally graduating from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Advertising. But his passion for Fitness and Wellness were ignited.

    He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 with a dream to have a career in fitness. He was hired at Jane Fonda’s Workout and quickly built a following. His expertise was recognized and soon he was training Hollywood’s Elite. His roster of VIP’s included Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Curry to Darren Star (Sex in the City creator) and many more. As the fitness industry expanded fitness conventions popped up all over the world. Dr. Eric got offers from all over the world to teach his unique method of group exercise. Expanding into motivational speaking, a product line and his unique ability to create a class that was a workout but also fun, Dr. Eric became one of the Who’s Who of the industry.

    It was after 5 years of traveling the globe that Dr. Eric decided to change course to become a chiropractor. “I didn’t want to be teaching exercise classes when I was fifty.  At that time there were not many who were.”  Looking for the next thing in his wellness career, Dr. Eric quickly saw that chiropractic, fitness and wellness go hand in hand. He saw an opportunity to get people well on a new level using the body’s biotechnical function to promote and better enable people to do whatever activities they want to do at any age.

    Bringing a team of highly qualified doctors and therapists together Dr. Eric is living a new dream. He has created the best Wellness Center in West Hollywood. “I am proud of Back to Total Health. I love the fact that I can offer patients effective care in an amazing environment. You’ll love it here!” Taking his years of exercise experience and now years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Eric melds the two together to get you well, keep you and give you the tools to stay well.

    Gino Pucino, B.S., M.A., D.C.

    Dr. Gino was born and raised in a small suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. The youngest of four brothers in an Italian-American family, Gino was called “a 90 pound weakling”, compared to his 3 athletic brothers. As a child, he was averse to anything physical or sports related. It was a high school PE teacher who introduced him to weight training and distance running. He quickly discovered that exercise helped him blossom.

    Dr. Gino attended the University of Rhode Island to study exercise science. While enrolled, he became one of the first students to get an internship with the prestigious Fitcorp of Boston, MA. Fitcorp was one of the innovators of corporate fitness and wellness programs in the country.  While working in their cardiac rehab program, he began to see that exercise was not just a means to improve physical and mental health but it could be used to heal and restore the body: a natural medicine.

    After college, Dr. Gino acquired a position with Shake-A-Leg, an organization that developed programs to improve the overall functionality of para and quadriplegics. There he created aquatics and strength programs for spinal cord injured individuals. This work gave Dr. Gino a new perspective, “When you exercise people who are paralyzed you have to be adaptable. You have to be able to work what they have.” This work helped him uncover a new dimension of the human body; a three dimensional scope.

    After working as a personal trainer in San Francisco for 6 years, Gino moved to Los Angeles. There he quickly found a position in a wellness center performing rehab for patients. There he met Dr. Eric who quickly recognized his passion and ability to put together the pieces of chiropractic and rehabilitation. Dr. Gino will never forget Dr. Eric’s inspiring words.  “Gino, you love this work. When are you going to get serious and go to chiropractic school?”

    With those words reverberating in his head, Dr. Gino entered Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. He graduated with honors in 2007.

    Dr. Gino specializes in athletic injuries. His ability to marry chiropractic with his experience in rehab has been the hallmark of his practice. Most recently, he was the chiropractor for T2, The Team to End AIDS marathon training group.  And now as of October 20, 2011, Dr. Gino joined Dr. Eric his mentor and the man who inspired him to become a chiropractor, at Back to Total Health to continue his work.

    His philosophy: “I combine chiropractic and rehabilitation to get to root of your injuries and alleviate them forever”.

    Sam Shirazi, B.S., D.C.

    Dr. Sam has always had a passion for the sciences. Growing up he knew he wanted to become a doctor, but life took him on a journey. He was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. During his early teens, his family immigrated to the Netherlands, and since 2001 Los Angeles has provided a welcoming home for him.

    Dr. Sam attended UCLA and received his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. It was during his undergraduate studies that he fell in love with the body and the nervous system. He discovered that after doing two years of clinical research, the research part of science wasn’t the right path for him. His curiosity let him to discover the world of Chiropractic. After experiencing first hand how Chiropractic care can benefit the body, he attended the Los Angeles Chiropractic College and graduated with high honors in 2014.

    Dr. Sam has been a part of the Back to Total Health team since 2014, when he started his internship. He is the newest addition to the team of Chiropractors. He has a softer touch and is able to set the minds of those who dread or fear an adjustment at ease. He also uses many soft tissue modalities in order to allow body maintain its adjusted state better.

  • Support Staff
  • Connie

    Connie Jones- Insurance Billing Specialist

  • Acupuncturists
  • Kyle New Headshot

    Kyle Burton, L.Ac.

    Kyle started his career in alternative healthcare early becoming a certified massage therapist. He practiced for 6 years at the Beverly Hills Hotel and saw clients privately. Although Kyle helped many people through massage therapy he wanted to expand his healing abilities.

    This finally lead him to acupuncture college and the skills he needed to help more people.  With his desire to heal not only did he graduated with high honors Kyle took his studies one step further. He independently went to Asia and observed hospitals and clinics that use Tradition Oriental Medicine to treat pain as well as internal medicine.  Also Kyle studied privately for 3 years with a Qi Gong Grand Master. On his third visit to Asia was in 2007 where he led the US team in the International Martial Art Championship, taking first place.

    He opened his private practice, Original Breath Acupuncture, in 2006 after interning at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and the Los Angeles Free Clinic.  He has been working collaboratively with Back to Total Health since 2007.

    Kristopher Goldsmith Headsot

    Kristopher Goldsmith, L.Ac.

    Kristopher Goldsmith L.Ac.has been a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist since 2006. He completed his Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine at the end of 2005. Prior to his advanced graduate degree, Kris Goldsmith also attended Rutgers University where he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduating Kristopher worked at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit aiding patients with both allopathic and holistic care.

    Kristopher Goldsmith has augmented his Traditional Chinese Medical studies with extensive training in Orthopedic acupuncture, Balance Method Acupuncture, Distal Needle Acupuncture, Qi Gong therapy and Tui Na. In addition to his private practice, Kristopher has been an instructor at Emperor’s College and served as a Supervisor at Emperor’s College where he graduated. Kristopher practices in Los Angeles at Original Breath Acupuncture and Back to Total Health, a clinic specializing in pain management and internal medicine.

    Dr. Goldsmith is an avid sportsman, having specialized in the areas of rehabilitation, body coordination, and performance enhancement.